September 19, 2011

By Chris Klint,


A photographer and a bowhunter both decided to shoot the same bull moose in Eagle River Saturday morning — but Alaska State Troopers charged the hunter with a misdemeanor, saying he ignored the photographer’s warning that the area was closed to hunting and illegally wounded the moose.

Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to Mile 10 of Eagle River Road Saturday, where the photographer said he was taking pictures of the moose at about
8:15 a.m. when 29-year-old Phillip Perez of Anchorage pulled up in a vehicle, then got out with a bow and some arrows.

The witness told troopers he saw Perez fire an arrow at the very large moose and miss, then warned him that the Eagle River Management Area is closed to all moose hunting. That’s when Perez allegedly took the second shot, hitting the bull behind the shoulder.

An Anchorage Police Department officer and wildlife troopers tried to follow the moose’s blood trail, but weren’t able to keep up with the trail.
Troopers subsequently spotted the moose from the air in AST’s Helo-1 helicopter, but after ground tracking decided not to put the moose down.

Perez told troopers he thought the area was open to moose hunting. He was charged with taking a moose in a closed area and issued a summons to appear in Anchorage District Court.

Troopers also seized Perez’s bow and arrows.


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