December 4, 2014


ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, Ark. -Two Eastern Arkansas hunters are facing charges for killing cats while duck hunting.

Law enforcement is turning to social media. Every time you post a picture, if anyone sees it, it can be captured. Even if they don’t see it, once it goes online, police say it can always be found and at that point the hunt is on.

This is the disturbing photo Sheriff Bobby May says came across his desk.

“These two men holding cats like they were trophies and they had obviously been shot; three cats that we could count,” Sheriff May said,.

William Taylor and Ray Verhoeven are charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

“It actually shows what cowards they are, only a coward would treat a domesticated animal like that,” Sheriff May said.

Taylor and Verhoeven had recently returned from a duck hunting trip. Sheriff May said his department worked with the state Wildlife and Gaming and used this photo to track one of the suspects right back to his house, the same house in the photo that was posted online where both suspects are seen holding the dead cats.

Animal cruelty in Arkansas is a Class D felony, meaning both suspects could lose their hunting licenses and possibly be fined, Sheriff May said. Even if that happens, there is no excuse for killing a domesticated animal.

“Thank goodness they are stupid,” Sheriff May said. “If they were smart they wouldn’t be criminal to begin with.”

Taylor, who was arrested and given a $25,000 bond, is already out of jail.

Verhoeven works out of town but is expected to turn himself in on Dec. 19 when he returns, Sheriff May said.

In Shelby County, if you know of a case of animal cruelty you can report it by calling 901-937-3910 or by e-mailing


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