A 14-year-old boy was killed in a hunting accident near Hartford Monday afternoon, according to Arkansas Game & Fish.

Newt Hodge and his older brother, Kasey Hodge, had shot a deer and started to load it into their truck.

“They had put their gun mounted up against the truck,” Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokesperson, Keith Stephens said. “When they put the gear in, the gun fell and discharged and hit the 14-year-old brother, and went through him and some of the shrapnel from the bullet hit his brother in the shoulder.”

The brothers were taken to the hospital where Newt was pronounced dead. Kasey is expected to survive.

“Something like this just happens in the blink of an eye,” Stephens said. “I’m sure that when they put that gun there they had no idea that it might slide off of there, but that’s when accidents happen.”

Friends of the family told 40/29 News Hodge, was a one of a kind young man who was a true cowboy that loved working on his parents’ ranch, hunting and rodeos.


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