This Alert is no longer active, but is left on our web site so that our readers can apply this information to other situations.

The comments below reflect my own personal, deeply held belief which I hope is shared by you. What is the difference between the abuse and cruelty toward the dog and abuse and cruelty proposed to be inflicted on the Canada Geese?

We see this appalling article in the paper this morning and are outraged that this loving animal friend has been beaten and kicked to death. Yet, there is at the present time similar cruelty being proposed, sanctioned by the Town of Carmel, against another species, not so beloved in the public mind, a “nuisance” who deserves nothing less than extermination: the Canada Geese.

Again, Lake Casse District officials have petitioned the town to kill the geese. Two years ago we pleaded with members of the district to initiate a comprehensive program of humane, non-lethal measures i.e. addling and habitat changes and warned that if the slaughter were to occur, the geese would return.

And not only Lake Casse, but this year Lake Secor has similarly applied for a permit to kill. Is this not abuse? Is this not cruelty?

When are we going to realize that cruelty against one species will only embolden the innately cruel among us to generalize their hatred to those of the animal kingdom that we regard with love and affection?

It is not too late to initiate humane policies. The Town of Carmel can contact GeesePeace, a recognized organization with a proven record for successful implementation of humane, aversion techniques, which received $250,000 grant from Senator Schumer’s office, last year, to replicate their program and they have done so in Orange and Nassau Counties in New York and in many states of the United States.



PS: Should you wish to oppose this proposed slaughter, letters and calls may be directed to: Robert Pozzi, Supervisor, Town of Carmel; Town Hall; 60 McAlpin Avenue; Mahopac, NY 10512; 628-1500.

Canadian Geese Roundup: Two years ago, the town “collected” geese from Lake Casse and Lake Secor. Presumably, the geese were harvested for food. The board reported that they have a renewable permit to collect 125 geese. It will cost $20,500 plus an additional amount for “processing”.


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