January 26, 2014

From CullmanSense.com

Hunting accident takes the life of 34-year-old Cullman resident

CRANE HILL – A hunting accident Sunday afternoon on a secluded plot of land near Smith Lake, located on County Road 202, has taken the life of 34-year-old Thomas Aaron Tucker Jr.

“The area where we located the victim was in a heavily wooded area,” CCSO Chief Deputy Max Bartlett said. “Both the victim and the person who shot were wearing hunter’s orange, but from where they were standing they could not see one another.”

“The shooter saw a deer come up through the ravine and shot, killing the deer. One round of buckshot traveled up the other side, striking the victim in the stomach. It was strictly a freak accident,” he said.

By the time rescue personal arrived on the scene, Bartlett said Tucker Jr. had lost consciousness and soon passed away.

A total of seven individuals, five males and two females, had taken a short boat ride to access the area where they were hunting for deer. Bartlett said the shooter’s identity is being withheld at this time due to the nature of the incident and the close family connection to Tucker Jr.


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