December 21, 2015


This report contains information provided to the Empire from law enforcement agencies. Anyone listed in this report is presumed innocent.

Wildlife offenses

  • On Friday, Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Juneau contacted Jonathan Clay, 29, after an investigation revealed that he had previously harvested a deer as a non-resident after failing to obtain a non-resident big game locking tag as required. He was given a summons to appear in court.
  • On Friday, Nicholas Ettinger, 20, pleaded guilty in Juneau District Court to hunting waterfowl while in possession of lead shot, utilizing an unplugged shotgun to take waterfowl, hunting on the Mendenhall Wetlands without a waterfowl permit and hunting on the Mendenhall Wetlands without having completed hunter education, all of which are non-criminal violations. Ettinger was fined a total of $1,240 with $500 suspended. The shotgun he was using was forfeited to the state of Alaska, and his privilege to obtain a hunting, sport fishing, or trapping license was revoked for a period of two years. He was placed on probation for two years with conditions that he not commit any fish and wildlife violations, be in the field with anyone hunting, fishing or trapping, and that he successfully complete hunter education within that two year period.


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