February 13, 2010

Jason Miller is leading the charge to defend the deer living in Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas from those who would slaughter them. Through steadfast activism and meticulous research, his efforts are becoming known on a national level.

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And now you want to kill MORE innocents?
Posted by thomaspainescorner on February 13, 2010

This image is pleasing to the eyes of decent human beings with the capacity to empathize….

This image is eye candy for serial killing sociopaths like you….

An open letter to the Death Park deer slaughterers by Jason Miller
Emailed on 2/13/10

Hello to my friends at JCPRD and KDWP,

Sorry to have neglected you for so long, but I’ve been pre-occupied with other animal rights issues and some personal matters.

I don’t believe I had gotten around to sending you the social statement that I included in my request to dismiss my appeal of the TRO (injunction) that I filed to stop your sadistic bow hunt of the Death Park deer, so here is a segment and a link to my condemnation of your malevolence in its entirety:

The Defendants have literally gotten away with murder…

Editor’s Note: Bite Club of KC is publishing a copy of the Notice of Voluntary Dismissal of our appeal of Judge Kevin Moriarty’s decision not to issue a TRO to stop the barbaric bow hunt in Death Park. Our founder, Jason Miller, wrote and filed this appeal with the Kansas Court of Appeals on 1/23/09, not as a signal that we’re surrendering or that the battle is over, but to demonstrate that our legal system is devoid of justice for nonhuman animals……

6. The Plaintiffs have reconciled himself to the fact that the Defendants have literally gotten away with murder, despite the immense social strife and stiff opposition they catalyzed with their gross abuse of power, extreme negligence that enabled the deer to over-populate to such an extent, unnecessary and gratuitous annihilation of sentient individuals who were under their stewardship, decimation of the aesthetic value and reputation of Shawnee Mission Park, breaking of Kansas state law by trading in wildlife (bartering deer bodies and “meat” for the services of the bow hunters), conducting an egregiously inaccurate and biased deer census to enable more killing after decimating the herd, breaking their own rules by allowing hunting and the use of broad-head arrows in Shawnee Mission Park, violating the Equal Protection Clause of the US Constitution by allowing a select few members of the community to break the law, and violating the Plaintiff’s Constitutional rights on myriad occasions via police and FBI harassment, surveillance, intimidation, and false arrest……


And despite recognizing the depth of your duplicity, corruption, and incestuous ties to the hunting (a.k.a. nonhuman animal murdering) community and industries (it’s “comforting” to know that hunters, who comprise about 2.1% of the population in KS, and Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop are dictating public policy in our so-called Constitutional republic), I was astounded last night when I read Jim Sullinger’s 2/10/10 article in the Kansas City Star (http://www.kansascity.com/news/neighborhood/olathe/story/1737879.html) in which you have essentially stated that non-lethal deer management will not be an option in Death Park (a.k.a. Shawnee Mission Park) in 2010.

Yours and your cronies’ desperation to keep the dying “sport” of hunting alive is palpable, Lloyd Fox and Mike Hayden. You may be in the driver’s seat for now, but the hunting bus is headed for a major crash from which it will NEVER recover…. See: The Outfitters’ Lament: Too Few Kids with Guns http://gahc.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/the-outfitters%e2%80%99-lament-too-few-kids-with-guns/

Below are the lies, distortions, and false propaganda that some of you at JCPRD and KDWP recently threw out to Sullinger. My comments, evidence-supported counter-arguments, observations, and exposures of your lies (with links to credible references, statistics, and documentation) appear in brackets, bold font, and italics underneath the text from Jim’s article:

Officials say non-lethal options unlikely for Shawnee Mission Park’s deer

The deer control program at Shawnee Mission Park ended Jan. 31 with 342 deer killed by sharpshooters and bow hunters.

Officials estimated that the number was still short of their goal of reducing the herd to 50 deer per square mile. At the end of the sharpshooter phase in November, wildlife experts estimated the deer population in the 3.5-square-mile greater park area at 72 deer per square mile. Only 29 deer were killed by bow hunters in that phase.

[Your failure to reach your goal is not the least bit surprising. It is obvious that you didn’t intend to “succeed” in reducing the number of deer to the “appropriate” level. The true agenda was, and still is, to perpetuate bow hunting in Shawnee Mission Park. That’s why you empathy deficients are still trying to get the Kansas legislature to pass Anthony Brown’s despicable HOUSE BILL No. 2342, which, in part, reads,” Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the board of county commissioners of Johnson County shall provide for a season for archery for deer and is hereby directed to issue archery deer permits for hunting deer within the boundaries of Shawnee Mission park in accordance with state statutes and rules and regulations of the secretary of wildlife and parks, adopted in accordance with K.S.A. 32-805, and amendments thereto, concerning archery deer hunting.”

Since this abomination isn’t law yet, Mike Hayden, Lloyd Fox and your blood-lusting supporters and sycophants have found a means to bring bow-hunting into Death Park under the guise of an annual “deer management plan.” How clever of you…]

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