Wolf Hunting In Idaho

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Robert Millage is flaunting his yearling wolf, the FIRST wolf killed in the ID wolf hunt. Millage wrote: I am trying to find a company to [take the wolf to shows]…I would think it would be a draw to a companies booth at the shows….just need the ear of the right CEO…seems to be a lot of interest in the 1st wolf taken in 80 years…between the controversy and everything… September 28, 2009 at 5:40pm.

To see what is LEGAL, C.A.S.H. urges you to link to this site: http://idahooutdoors.blogspot.com/

Lynne Stone, a wildlife watcher and wolf advocate wrote recently to Idaho media:

Over the past several years, I took several of you out to try and see the Basin Butte wolves around Stanley. Sadly, those wolves are all dead now, killed by Wildlife Services the week of Thanksgiving, and also shot by hunters and ranchers. The days of watching wolves in Idaho are over.

Idaho may be killing any future of a wolf-ecotourism industry that could bring millions to rural communities. The legislature is considering a law that makes speaking up against wolf hunting a criminal offense. Also, I find it odd that hunters like Robert Millage are complaining about the publicity he has gotten, yet, he posts photos of himself and his wolf “trophy” widely on the internet.

Lynne is Director of the Boulder-White Clouds Council, http://wildwhiteclouds.org You can also follow Idaho wolf news at twitter/phantomtoo.

Lynne asks that you please write Governor Butch Otter. Speak up for wolves and protest Idaho’s sledge hammer approach to wolf management.


We thank CeAnn Lambert of the Indiana Coyote Rescue Centerhttp://www.coyoterescue.org/ for letting us know about Lynne Stone.


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