Urge The Uganda Wildlife Authority To Discontinue Their Hunting Program For Profit

C.A.S.H. responded to Dr. Shirley McGreal’s (IPPL – International Primate Protection League www.ippl.orgrequest to urge the Uganda Wildlife Authority to discontinue their hunting program for profit and offer Wildlife Watching instead. Our letter is below:

Mr. Moses Mapesa, CEO
Uganda Wildlife Authority
Plot 7 Kira Road, Kamwokya
PO BOX 3530
Kampala, UGANDA

Dear Mr. Mapesa:

As a wildlife protection organization with members and supporters throughout the world, it has come to our attention that the Sitatunga gazelle has been added to the list of wildlife that can legally be hunted in Uganda. On behalf of those who share our philosophy, we respectfully urge you to suspend this hunting program and instead consider other approaches that can result in greater economic benefit for the people of Uganda.

Mr. Mapesa, you have a golden opportunity to combat both “illegal poaching” and other forms of violent exploitation of wildlife, as well as create an economic incentive for the local and national economy. The climate is right for establishing a nation-wide wildlife watching program that will draw tourists from all over the world by offering the opportunity to view, photograph, paint, and otherwise study the animals unique to Uganda and central Africa. Income potential is limitless and an industry based on the respect and admiration of native wildlife can only succeed, so long as an honest effort is made to establish and promote such programs. Businesses offering tangential services will also thrive as wildlife watching programs become established, and Uganda’s global image will receive a tremendous boost – – something that will translate into greater tourism potential and further revenue for local communities.

Industries that thrive on violence cannot match the economic growth potential that a well-run wildlife preservation industry can bring to a nation, and Uganda can become a world leader and model for the protection and preservation of wildlife for all nations to emulate. We understand that you will need support from the international community to resist the inevitable political pressure you will face by the pro-violence hunting and weapons industries, but by moving forward and taking a stand for positive economic growth, the UWA can change the way the world interacts with wildlife, and can do so in a way that has unlimited benefit for local economies.

The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting would be delighted to offer our help in soliciting support for you if you find that the unlimited economic growth potential coupled with the preservation and protection of Uganda’s wildlife and the areas where they live appeals to your interests and goals. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. Your reply to our request will be greatly appreciated.


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