Remembering Warren Doyno and a Precious Moment for C.A.S.H.

April 2, 1947 – February 18, 2011

How I wish I still had the photograph of the day Warren Doyno, Luke Dommer, Peter Muller, and I posed triumphantly on our newly acquired land, bought to be posted and patrolled to keep the dreaded hunters off forever.  It was and still is 66 acres on the side of a mountain in the Catskills.

Thanks to Luke, many people came together to buy the land in order to protect the deer.  Luke, Warren, Peter and I took our tents, hopped into a car and drove 4 hours from NYC to claim our property, and post it.  It was a big moment for Luke’s Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting.  We held the sign high and gave victory signs for the camera.  The sign was meant to baffle and confuse:


No hunting, trapping, trespassing.

We thought it would be first of many parcels.

I remember Warren yelling all the way up, “Shoot yourselves, you lousy hunters!”  He must have said that 100 times, and I can still hear him today. He always addressed Peter and me as one: PeterAnne.  “Isn’t that right, PeterAnne?” We were happy to be with people who shared what passionately touched us more than any other animal abuse: hunting.  I would occasionally see Warren over the years in NYC as we protested fur or other atrocities, and it seemed he never changed, never aged, never lost his intensity.  He remained passionate, always letting people know what he knew to be  right and ethical.  It’s not easy to be so sensitive to animals, and I thank God for my insensitivities, for they keep me sane.  Warren seemed not to be able to shield himself from the constant pain of knowing that animals were suffering.  To make matters worse, he worked in an environment where bosses and fellow-employees taunted him for his beliefs.  I often thought about Warren, privately wishing him well, and praying for his emotional safety.

That memory in the Catskills is one of the strongest I have, and one of the most pleasant.  We will always remember Warren, and when I go there again, PeterAnne will say a prayer for him — and the deer — on the site of Warren’s tent that special day in the 1980s.  Fare thee well, precious soul.  You will always be part of that land and our hearts.




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