Peter’s Humor? – Summer 2010

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A psychiatrist was a sitting at a bar which was mostly frequented by hunters. After a while they got into a conversation about their respective life-styles. One of the hunters asked him “How can you tell if a guy is really nuts when he seems normal?”

The psychiatrist explained: “You just ask him a simple question which everyone should answer without any trouble. If he hesitates, that gives a clue that not everything is normal.”

“What sort of question?” asked the hunter.

“Well, suppose I told you that a friend of mine went on three hunting trips but was killed in a hunting accident. Do you know on which one of the three trips he was killed?’

The hunter thought a moment, then replied huffily, “How should I know? I didn’t even know the guy!”


Joe, an avid hunter from New York, decided that life in New York could not provide the outdoor milieu he was yearning for. So he moved to Alaska where he bought a small cabin in the wilderness and made a real effort to just live off the land. His extended New York family became a little worried about him after a few years and decided go pay him a visit.

The whole tribe squeezed around his table and he proudly served them his “Thawed out frozen moose fat a la Juneau” concoction. His guests were less than totally thrilled but tried to make the best of it. When one of Joe’s aunts complained about the apparently unclean dishes, Joe shrugged and explained “that’s as clean as cold water gets them.” For breakfast the next morning Joe proudly served them an omelet made with four-year old eggs- from his last trip to the general store 500 miles down the road. Again the topic of dirty dishes was raised which Joe again dismissed with “that’s as clean as cold water gets them.” This became a standard part of each meal. Every time the unclean state of the dishes came up-Joe dismissed it with “that’s as clean as cold water gets them.”

On the last evening just before his guests were ready to leave there is a scratching at the door and a big sloppy, drooling mutt walks in and lies down by the fireplace. Joe beamed and called out to his family, “Hey, I’d like all of you to meet my best friend, Coldwater.”


A hunter and his date where having dinner -being totally single minded, he could not talk about anything except hunting. He challenged her – “I’ll bet you I can answer any question about hunting you can ask me.” She thought a minute and proposed “What if we take turns: you ask me a question about hunting and if I don’t know the answer I give you $5 then I’ll ask you a question about hunting and if you don’t know the answer you give me $50 since you know so much about hunting – that seems only fair.”

Flattered, he agreed and asked her “What firearm would you use to hunt rabbits?” She shrugged and gave him $5. She then asked him, “What has four legs, feathers, weighs over 400 pounds and is hunted in every state in the US and every province in Canada?” He was totally stumped and gave her $50 asking, “So what’s the answer?” She again shrugged and gave him $5..


Two hunters were about to walk under an overpass as a funeral procession started to pass above them on the road. One hunter stood still, removed his blaze-orange cap and bowed his head. His buddy was visibly touched and let him know that he thought it was a very decent thing to do. “Well yes,” he explained, “that’s the least I could do – we were married for over forty years.”.


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