OH Town Rejects Culling!

By Lane Ferrante

Walton Hills , OH is a town with morals. It practices true conservation and makes wise decisions.  

On May 13, 2008 , I attended a Town Council meeting in the small and quaint village of Walton Hills, OH . One of the items on the agenda was wildlife. The question of what to do with the deer was going to be discussed, and from past experience I assumed that a lethal solution would be proposed and implemented. We animal advocates have been torn between expecting (from town council members)—with good reason—corruption, ignorance, and collusion with hunters/state Fish and Game Departments AND hope (at each town council meeting) that we would finally find people who deserved having been elected to office. 

It takes a real leader, with guts, compassion, and a commitment to public service, to stop this sickening trend of annual deer slaughters in American towns. Ruling with intimidation, scare tactics, and a lack of morals does not make for a good leader.

I was ecstatic, therefore, when the other Walton Hills Council members publicly disagreed with Councilman Sheeler, and opposed allowing lethal solutions (bow-hunting) within their community.

They should be held up as a model for other cities. They are to be commended and respected for their wise decision. They are true leaders.

Lane Ferrante is an activist in OH.


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