Is Boar Hunting A Character Flaw Or Displacement

Note the connection in the previous article to the “Confederate Army, Ala.”; Yes, folks, this could be beyond killing boars or hogs sadistically.

In psychology, there is a phenomenon called “displacement.” It’s a dangerous phenomenon that has caused much grief in the world for humans and other animals. Displacement operates in the mind unconsciously and transfers characteristics to, in this case, a scapegoat..

One example of scapegoating is in Madagascar, where the aye-aye is thought of as Death. This little friendly and harmless aye-aye is a tiny four-pound lemur that lives on little insects. Superstitious locals have been killing them out of fear, and now they are highly endangered. The government has finally passed a law against killing them.

Perhaps this is not a parallel to what is done to the boars. But if it is displacement, then perhaps with psychotherapy these killers could change their behavior; but if it isn’t, then it is wanton, willful barbarism and the killer most likely can not be helped by therapy.

What is unfathomable, however, is that boar hunting is LEGAL in this country and will remain LEGAL until a law makes it illegal.

That’s what is needed.

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