In Iowa, Bird Hunting Replaces Hog Farming

From Iowa Farmer Today, sent to us by Merle Wilson

A growing trend in IA is the collusion between farmers and game agencies causing an increase in private hunt operations for pheasants and chukars.

To satisfy other hunters who don’t want to pay private fees, the private preserve has to release 500 birds every year. The universities that work with the game agencies to develop these operations call it “Value-Added Agriculture Program.”

The market is seen as the “bird-dog owner who wants to work his dog or dogs with birds.”

Financially it works this way: Hunters typically buy 3 or 4 birds each. Prices ranged from $8 for quail to $25 for exotic pheasants. Additionally, the operation can provide guides for another fee.

Farmers claim that they have issues with predators from fox to hawks. No doubt that leads to more hunting and trapping. At every stage of this money pours into the game agencies.
C.A.S.H. encourages animal protective enterprise that appeals to wildlife watchers. It will be good for the animals, and will uplift our political position.

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