Beware Of Wildlife Service Strikes “Dear Interested Party”

Every month several announcements come in from the USDA Wildlife Services Program addressed to “Dear Interested Party.”

This month, so far, two have come in. This barbaric division of the USDA spends their time opening up mass killing opportunities, usually from municipalities. To do that they have to show that their plans are compliant with the various environmental protection laws and acts.

They first identify “threats” from a particular species of animal, the killing method they plan to use, how it has no environmental impact, and to comply with administrative requirements they ask for your comments.

Your comments, along with your old toothpaste tubes, end up in the same place and have about the same value.

USDA Letter 1:

Here’s the latest: the USDA would like to invite you to participate in the development of a pre-decisional Environmental Assessment (PDEA) addressing damage and threats caused by Canada geese in Rhode Island. The need for action identifies damage to agricultural resources, property, natural resources, and threats to human health and safety associated with Canada geese in the State.


We are letting you know this not to waste your time to comment, as the most brilliant, lengthy comments have been made ad infinitum by knowledgeable people opposing lethal action for these nonsensical claims, but to let you know what is coming down the pike in your area so perhaps some political action can be taken.

USDA letter 2:

Dear Interested Party:

Wildlife Services, Dept. of Interior (DOI), Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS), and National Park Service, have prepared a new Environmental Assessment (EA) entitled, “REDUCING DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT DAMAGE IN MICHIGAN.” The EA was prepared in consultation with the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources and the Environment etc. It analyzes the potential environmental effects of alternatives for responding to increased requests for cormorant damage management in Michigan. You may obtain it at

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