A Killer Of Humans has Hunting Background

It was reported that Charles Waid, 20 years old, killed his girlfriend’s parents because they wanted her to stop seeing him.

Waid’s estranged wife talked about her disbelief in what her husband may have done.

“I just couldn’t imagine him doing something like that,” said Waid’s wife.  She did not want to be identified, but did want to talk about the man she married.

“He (Waid) was raised by his parents in a Christian home,” said Waid’s wife.  “They always went to church.  He was just a really good guy, so I thought.”

Dr. Priscilla Cohn who is investigating the link between murderers and a hunting background, came up with the following quotes from reports and sites: “Waid was a hunter raised around guns but also in a very loving Christian home.”

Another suspect in this crime who said she loved Waid reported on her My Space page “my goal is to go hunting and mudding before I leave this hicktown.”

Yes, we believe that hunting desensitizes people and that alcohol and drugs will blur the possibly fictitious line between killing animals and killing humans

Charles Waid

Another article from WI sent by C.A.S.H. member Chris Jaszewski is titled Thrill Killers. More and more criminal acts against wildlife are occurring. Conservation officers are apparently aware of this and call it “thrill killing” and say it is a growing problem.


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