Texas hunter pulled over to shoot a deer that turned out to be a decoy, officials said.

The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department said Friday that two Polk County game officials were on night patrol and took their deer decoy named Corby along. The decoy caught the eye of a hunter driving a truck.

“A truck passed the decoy, slowed to a stop, then quickly reversed and the headlights were positioned onto the decoy,” Parks & Wildlife said. “After a brief pause, the sound of a small caliber rifle shot was heard from the vehicle.”

The wardens apprehended the hunter and found a .22-caliber rifle in the back seat of the truck, Parks and Wildlife said.

“The subject also admitted to being charged for spotlighting on a public roadway near the same area a few weeks prior to this incident by a different Polk County game warden,” Parks and Wildlife said. “The subject was charged with hunting white-tailed deer at night, hunting white-tailed deer using artificial light and multiple Class C citations and warnings.”


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