State officials say a Staten Island man admitted in December to illegally hunting deer on Staten Island’s South Shore.

John Anderson, 36, admitted to shooting a deer with a bow and arrow at around 11 a.m. Dec. 12 in Annadale’s Blue Heron Park, according to a Thursday media release from the Department of Environmental Conservation.

DEC Environmental Conservation Police Officer Michael Wozniak initially spotted a deer with an arrow sticking out of its neck while responding to a complaint.

He tracked the deer, following its blood trail, but needed to discontinue due to inclement weather. He later spotted Anderson “acting suspiciously” near where the injured deer was seen, and began questioning him.

During questioning, Anderson allegedly provided Wozniak with a home address, but the wrong identification, according to the media release. Wozniak, accompanied by Environmental Conservation Police Officer Ryan Grogan, went to the address and continued questioning Anderson. DEC declined to share that address.

According to the department’s media release, Anderson confessed to shooting the deer while target shooting with a recurve bow. The officers seized both the bow and additional arrows from the home for evidence.

They issued Anderson a $1,000 fine for hunting without a license, and for taking the antler-less deer in a closed area without a permit. He was also issued an additional $1,000 suspended penalty that will be affected if Anderson violates any further state Environmental Conservation law in the next two years.

Attempts to reach Anderson via public records were unsuccessful Friday night. The NYPD did not have information on an arrest.

A series of federal, state and local regulations make most forms of hunting in the five boroughs effectively illegal. The Advance recently reported on two dead deer with missing antlers.

A deer carcass was spotted Tuesday on a sidewalk in Sunnyside, with an open head wound in place of its antlers

On Dec. 21, another dead deer was found with a puncture wound near its hind legs and missing antlers in the woods of New Springville, raising concerns with some in the neighborhood about possible hunting.

A Mariners Harbor man admitted in March 2015 to illegally poaching deer on Staten Island. It was believed to be the first deer poaching case in modern New York City history.


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