Winter 2007 Issue – pdf

“Preservation” and “Conservation” What do These Words Mean?

The Impetus For The “Back To Natives” Movement Has Gotten Out Of Hand


What is White Buffalo and Who is Tony DeNicola?
Nature Conservancy and National Park Service collude with commercial hunting organizations to destroy wildlife in many parts of the U.S.  Their newsletter brags about donating meat to food banks.

DEER OPTIONS ENTERPRISE – DOE:  Non-Lethal Integrated Deer Strategy

World Class Wildlife Management?? Are These Guys For Real???

Ethnic Cleansing in the Hawaiian Forest The Nature Conservancy and other Murderers

George And Joy Sarris Need Your Help
Clifton Park, NY, is trying to stop wildlife rehabilitator George from running his bird rehabilitation center and sanctuary.  Possible ulterior motive: developers want the Sarrises’ land. LOHV chapter formed in Capital Region.

Jan Haagensen Is Not Alone In Being Threatened And Harassed By Trespassing Hunters With Public Law Enforcement Backing

Hunters Shoot More Than 1,000 People In The Us & Canada Annually

Efficacy Of Strieter-Lites Not To Be Denied
System of reflectors help reduce deer-car collisions.

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