What’s LOHV been up to?

This quarter LOHV started off by adding two new chapters to the League of Humane Voters. On Saturday June 16th LOHV chartered the “Lehigh Valley Chapter” in Allentown, PA. This is LOHV’s third chapter in Pennsylvania. Virginia (Ginger) Wolfe is the chapter head. Ginger brought in a dedicated audience of approximately 18 people. It was an exciting presentation. Ginger is a long-time activist and lobbyist who formed the Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition and PLAN PAC. We’re very excited about Ginger’s new involvement with LOHV.

On July 11th another chapter was launched in Richmond, Virginia. This was our first chapter in Virginia. There are already requests for more chapters. Samuel J. Crawley is “our man on the ground” in Virginia. He turned out an enthusiastic audience that we’re sure will succeed in making the Richmond Chapter into a very effective part of LOHV’s effort.

The rest of July was taken up by two animal rights conferences that we attended.
The first one, the oldest, most prestigious, and best attended was AR2007 which was held in Los Angeles, California this year.

Peter was presenting at several forums on various topics including a case method presentation on how to lobby a state legislature effectively, a lobbying workshop for LA residents about to set out to lobby their Senators (Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer) on AETA (the Animal Enterprise Terrorism ACT) a well-attended full hour presentation.

Peter was also invited to address the plenary session as part of a panel along with Heidi Bogosian, the Executive Director of the National Lawyers Guild, and Will Potter, an award winning journalist based in Washington, who has written for The Chicago Tribune, The Dallas Morning News, Legal Affairs, and many other publications. Odette Wilkins Executive Director of the Equal Justice Alliance was moderating.

On July 14th we attended a meeting with Ann Selnick, President of Animal Advocates of Howard County (of Maryland). Animal Advocates was scheduled to meet with Ken Ulman, the County Executive of Howard County, regarding a proposed “deer cull” in a local park. We presented the need for a chapter of the League of Humane Voters. Please see the article written by Jennifer Grill (left in photo) in this issue.

Others are: Peter Muller, Terri Rutter, Ann Selnick, Frank Branchini, and Dr. Barbara Wasserman.

The second conference, “Taking Action For Animals” took place in Washington later in July. Peter was tabling for the League of Humane Voters.

Oh, FYI…:

Bill Richardson, Governor of NM and Candidate for President is an avid hunter. The New Mexico governor says hunting is just a hobby.

He had the oryx head mounted and keeps it in a downstairs room at the governor’s mansion, where his other hunting trophies also are displayed.

From an article by Barry Massey, AP


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