What We’ve Been Up To – Part 1

Right after hunting with dogs started in the Hudson Valley of New York, Anne and Pete Muller saw this little dog walking slowly along the NYS Thruway. Here she is after we got her with the help of a stranger who also pulled over.

Just at the moment we realized that she was wearing a radio transmitter and was a “hunting dog,” a patrol car pulled up and insisted on finding the owner. We said we’d adopt the dog and secretly hoped that he wouldn’t find the “owner.”

After much persistence, he finally succeeded. Sure enough a hunter who had been hunting in our home town claimed the dog. It was sad to have to give her up. When we returned home, there was a call from someone who had also just found a hunting dog. Sadly, these dogs often wander into traffic where they can cause accidents or be killed.

Hunting with dogs is a menace to society.


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