What We Can Do

See The USDA’s War On Wild Birds

As long as casual attitudes exist in government agencies towards the mass murder of any creature, policies will not change. Also, as long as funding for avicidal programs exists, they will continue.

Funding for Wildlife Services is through a combination of federal appropriations and cooperator-provided funds. (“Cooperators” such as farmers, ranchers, municipalities and other government agencies.)

All citizens who disapprove of the poisoning of birds, whether on humane grounds or because of the damage being done to the environment that we all share, should contact their representatives – local, state, and federal – including the EPA, and tell them that they want an immediate halt to the use of pesticides such as DRC-1339.

The Deputy Administrator of the EPA, Bob Perciasepe, may be reached at 202-564-4711.

Wildlife Watch further recommends that readers call and write directly to both Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and President Barack Obama asking them to give this issue a high priority.

Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack
(Office of Secretary of Agriculture: 202-720-3631)

President Barack Obama (White House comment line: 202-456-1111)

We should all question the use of chemical pesticides and other toxins that are used by our government agencies.


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