What is “Quality” Deer Management? It’s Managing Deer for Trophy Bucks

Recent photo of carnage is from Quality Deer Management’s website titled:  “Reaping the rewards of Quality Deer Management”

Quality Deer Management is a strategy that lowers doe populations (allows for the killing of does) in order to leave more browse for the male deer so they grow larger racks for hunters’ trophies. While the deer population is reduced, the hunter population is increased, as hunters just love trophy bucks. That increases sales to the firearms industry as well.

The photo below is printed with the question below:

Their question is: “Will he be a good one next year?”

QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) http://www.qdma.com/, which seems to have taken over NYC DEP lands puts out the following to lure kids:

“We hunt for many reasons – to be with family and friends, to spend time with nature, to provide meat for the table, and because it is FUN. That last reason should not be overlooked when intruding [sic] a new deer hunter to this wonderful pastime, especially when that new hunter is a youth!”


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