In the past few issues we have mentioned our observation concerning wildlife watching and how it is economically outpacing hunting and trapping by a substantial rate. We observed the economic ascendancy of the population that enjoys non-consumptive wildlife recreational activities at the same time as hunting and trapping numbers and percentages are plummeting (but not fast enough to satisfy us). We would like to see them go to zero tomorrow (or by Monday at the latest.) We also noted with caution the Fish and Game agencies’ role in trying to get a slice of the wildlife watching pie that looms bigger than the few crumbs the hunters manage to pass on to their kindred spirits in the agencies.

In mid-October, we’ll be getting a closer look at the picture. We’ll be attending the Watchable Wildlife conference in Virginia Beach from October 12-14, 2005

In attendance at the conference will be numerous state and federal agencies, as well as some local officeholders and private business owners who are or would like to participate economically in this new area. Hopefully, we’ll also find some kindred spirits among the attendees to pursue our goal of having a Wildlife Watching economy replace hunting as the foundation for wildlife management.


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