Two Precious Souls Whose Lives Were Snuffed Out by Killers who Could Legally Kill According to the Law of the Land in 2016…Pedals – Beloved NJ Bear…Farewell to our piebald, PeeBee

Farewell to our piebald, PeeBee

Peebee was killed during bow and arrow “season” in region 3 of the NYS DEC. He graced our property allowing us to document his growth from a young fawn. Shortly after bow and arrow hunting started, PeeBee went missing. As he was so spectacular looking, I knew he was on someone’s wishlist to kill. Then, he reappeared several days later, perhaps aware of how we celebrated seeing him again as he lingered longer than usual. When he went missing the second time, I held out hope that he would return, but it has now been weeks.

His sister continues to come to our bird feeder. She was always with him, and now she is alone. How I wish she could tell us what happened. Perhaps PeeBee would say this:

Mock me as you hoist my head to the wall in your den, but I’m no longer here.
The same lord that has given you life and will take it one day, gave me life as well.
I was loved by some humans who saw my spirit and knew who I was: a fellow being whose life was given to him and not to his killer.
Where am I now? I’m in the hearts and minds of those who understand, who knew me, who loved me. I’m not yours, it was not my purpose, it wasn’t God’s will.
You, who can only take life and not give it, you are not fit for the earth as you don’t love it, you don’t understand non-human individual souls. I am my own. I belong to myself.

Pedals – Beloved New Jersey Bear

He walked confidently on two legs due to injured front paws. Pedals was killed by a hunter.

Although the state DEP said there’s no way to verify if the bear brought to the weigh station Oct. 10 was the well-known bear, the agency said it appeared to be Pedals.

“The injured paws and chest blaze of this particular adult bear brought to Green Pond appear to be consistent with the bear seen walking upright on several videos taken from North Jersey residents over the past two years,” Bob Considine, the spokesman, said in a release.

See the League of Humane Voters NJ Facebook page and scroll down to follow a law called Pedal’s Law.

From the Bear Education  and Resource group:

Pedals is a black bear ambassador for all black bears. In honor of Pedals, we have created “Pedal’s Law” (S2702) a law that will protect all New Jersey black bears. The law will end bear hunts for five years while a non-lethal bear control program is implemented, it will require the use of bear resistance containers in bear habitat areas, and prohibit bear feeding and deer baiting in bear habitat. Please support this law. Join us on Facebook.

Please visit and to get involved in black bear protection.



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