The “Joy” of Youth Hunting

State game agencies and private hunting organizations are pleading with parents to take their kids hunting to get them hooked on the “sport” (perversion) of killing animals.

Here are just some of the reports that have come to our attention. Please visit the Accident section of the C.A.S.H. for more.

An 8-year old boy shot his father and father’s friend to death in AZ. The Rev. John Sauter of St. Johns Catholic Church said the father taught his son how to use a .22–caliber rifle to kill prairie dogs. He did a good job of teaching him to kill. Now the police want a judge to try the poor boy as an adult.
Another 8-year old died after shooting himself in the head accidentally at a “Machine Gun Shoot and Firearms Expo” at the Westfield Sportsman’s Club in Massachusetts. The boy was with a certified instructor who said the boy was “shooting the weapon down range when the force of the weapon made it travel up and back toward his head…” Police called it a “self-inflicted accidental shooting.” The website describes the organization as one that promotes “the interest of legal sport with rod, gun, and bow and arrow, both directly and through training.” [If this is what happens when youth hunters are just standing in a controlled environment with a “certified instructor,” you can imagine the risks of being in a free-for-all hunt, without a “certified instructor.” Here’s wishing them luck with a lawsuit against the firearms company, the club, and the certified instructor. Sadly it won’t bring back the boy.]
In Muncie, IN a man who wanted to teach his daughter to kill, forced her to stab the family cat to death. He held her hand and forced the blade into the cat. According to reports, this technique had the reverse effect on the children. Thank heavens! The court gave this father a light sentence because he was drunk and promised to go into rehab. [??]
A 14 year old hunter shot and killed a woman in WA. He said he thought she was a bear. He was with his 16 year old brother and both were hunting together at the time.
This reads like a joke so we’re repeating the entire article – this kid has been hunting since he was 5 years old!

Hunting accident renews call for safety ed
By Lance Martin/Daily Herald Senior Staff Writer
Published/Last Modified on Monday, November 10, 2008 4:18 PM CST

A Northampton County hunting accident in which a 35-year-old man was shot by his nephew demonstrates the need to keep minor hunters within close range, [What does that mean?] state Wildlife Resources Commission enforcement officers say.

The accident occurred off N.C. Highway 186 at the North Carolina-Virginia line, Officer Dustin Durham said Friday.

The victim, Michael David Harvey of Newport News, Va., was hit with seven buckshot pellets in the top shoulder, right wrist and left leg. The shots missed any vital organs, [So the kid knew where to shoot for maximum suffering.] Durham said.

Wildlife officers received the call around 8:30 a.m. and during their investigation learned Harvey’s 10-year-old nephew accidentally shot him with a 20-gauge shotgun.

The nephew was standing about 20 yards away from his uncle when the uncle saw a deer and gave his nephew the signal to aim. [I won’t say it.]
The deer stopped and then turned in the direction of Harvey and his nephew, leaving the uncle between the boy and the deer. [This is proof that deer are calculating.]

The boy shot, missing the deer, but hitting his uncle, even though Harvey made a last-ditch effort to dive behind a tree for safety. [Boy, did that deer make a monkey of the uncle.]

While no charges will be filed, Durham said the case is a dramatic example of the importance of hunter safety courses, which are open to hunters of all ages. [See the article above about the boy who shot himself in the head while a hunter safety instructor was standing next to him.]

Although the boy had been hunting for five years, Durham said, “What we discussed, from my viewpoint, the boy had not had a hunter safety course. The way we look at it, if he hadn’t had the course he (the child) needs to be within arm’s reach (of the adult).” [Isn’t that something? If he’d had a hunter safety course when he was five, this terrible accident never would have happened!]

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