The Horror Of Boar Hunting


You may know from reading other issues of the C.A.S.H. Courier that children who’ve been taught to hunt have been implicated in some high profile crimes. We all remember (well,most of us), “The Jonesboro Massacre.” Andrew Golden and Mitchell Johnson killed their classmates and teacher. C.A.S.H. has written about this subject over the years, and you will find many of our articles online. Hog hunting is considered a “starter” activity for children. It encourages the enjoyment of killing using any and all means.

I first became aware of how horrific the hunting of porcine animals was when a dear friend, who abhorred hunting, said that his son-in-law (who didn’t share his values) went with some friends on a boar hunting trip. He reported back that he was shocked when he saw his friends stab a boar 200 times. They were all drunk, laughing, jumping on him while they stabbed him to death. This is completely LEGAL.

Of all of the worst nightmares that you can imagine for hunted or killed animals, boar hunting has got to top the list.

This pure killing is described as a starter for children to learn the joys of killing – they leave out the word “torture,” but it is implicit and deeply embedded in this legal act.

The magazine Boar Hunter was passed along to me by someone who does boar rescue, so the gruesome articles and photographs must have pained her tremendously, though not as much as what happens to the boars. Even the NRA should be ashamed to advertise in this magazine….but they aren’t.

They advertise videos with titles that range from Doggin’ Boars to Watch Shane Take On 14 Boars with Bow, Pistol, Rifle, Dog, and Knife. The youngest children can participate.

A couple of photos in this magazine look like this

Here is just one paragraph from this sick journal:

A “hog hunter” describes how to kill a hog:

“The majority of quartering away shots will hit a lung and if you are lucky your arrow will damage the liver on its way there. A damaged liver will help bleed a boar out…

This killing that can’t even pretend to be “hunting” seems to have another component. A telling photo and caption are below.

Note the connection to the “Confederate Army, Ala.”
Yes, folks, this is beyond killing boars or hogs sadistically.

Here’s some hog-hunter talk below from the following website:

Q. What’s the DEC stance on hog whacking? Non-game, no closed season, or off limits?

A1. Good luck and hunt right at night fall, they get real active right after dark. Slick.

A2. Non-game, no season, no limit. All you need is a valid NY hunting license. DEC would rather they do not spread. Though I think it is a little too late for that?

Q. Alright, twist my arm, bear, you win, when do we go whack them? LOL [means laugh out loud].


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