Hunting’s not a joke, but hunters and game agents are!

By Peter Muller, C.A.S.H. VP

Why does it take longer to make a snowman representing a hunter than a snowman representing a truck driver?

Because it’s time-consuming to hollow out the head.


Why is it hard to convict hunters of a crime even if there is a ton of forensic evidence?

Because almost all hunters have the same DNA.


Why did a hunter spend too much time watching TV?

Because it took him 2 hours to watch “60 minutes.”


A hunter was urged on a call-in radio program to just speak his mind.  He complied, but remained speechless.


When a hunter saw the sign “NC-17” (under 17 not admitted) at a movie theater, he called up 16 hunting buddies to join him.


Why does it take a hunter one hour to eat breakfast?

Because he usually spends 45 minutes staring at the orange-juice container that is marked “concentrate.”


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