Ohio Couple Falsely Arrested, Wrongfully Convicted of “Hunter Harassment” Files First-Ever Appeal, Claims State Laws Violate First Amendment

C.A.S.H. editor’s note:  There is huge prejudice and discrimination against those who oppose hunting.  Police and encon officers normally support the hunter over the landowner, individuals, or groups who oppose hunting.  C.A.S.H. was asked to print the press release below in full, without changes.  It will convey to our readers the heavy hand of wildlife management.



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With All the Media Buzz About Second Amendment Rights, Shouldn’t Those Prosecuted for Exercising Free Speech Against Community Violence Get Equal Time?


SEVEN HILLS and PARMA, OH (November 2018) – Lucy McKernan and another individual were falsely arrested the day before Thanksgiving 2017 while peacefully enjoying private property, because the deer hunter on adjacent property – whose tree stand is less than 300 feet from a public school — was annoyed with their presence. Seven Hills police charged the couple with “preventing hunting by creating noise” and “possession of criminal tools” (allegedly, a harmless wind-up radio and pair of maracas).

Such laws in Ohio are civil, not criminal. Yet, McKernan was charged in criminal court with both misdemeanors in Parma Municipal Court in January 2018. 

McKernan is part of a nationwide trend challenging blatantly unconstitutional hunter harassment laws. “I had to take a stand. We were peacefully enjoying private property one minute, sitting in the back of a cop car the next,” said McKernan. “I’m sure Seven Hills had it in for me after I filed a civil suit against the city. Council passed a bogus emergency hunting ordinance Oct. 2016 (that I won through appeals court, but it was just reversed Oct. 2018 by a biased lower, common pleas court judge with ties to defendant’s counsel) that also unconstitutionally quashed my Referendum to put the hunting issue on the ballot for a final vote.”

At her pretrial hearing, the judge, who previously allowed the co-defendant to enter into a first-time offenders program, blackmailed McKernan into pleading to the higher level Misdemeanor 1: if she didn’t take the plea, or opted for trial, he would drag the co-defendant out of diversion and force him to trial, too. When McKernan asked to consult with her attorney, the judge refused. McKernan’s attorney motioned to dismiss based on civil vs. criminal charges, and unconstitutionality, but the judge — who has received campaign contributions from City of Seven Hills officials — refused.

One month after her arrest, McKernan saw the same hunter fatally wound a mother deer bleeding from her heart/lung area who ran out in front of her vehicle.  The poor doe was never tracked by the hunter.  Her remains were later found several properties away.   Police refused to take a report, but the Seven Hills officer who arrested McKernan one month prior, also a hunter who hunts illegally in Seven Hills (under required acreage), along with the chief, covered it up.

Lucy McKernan, a researcher, writer, public presenter and activist, publishes articles that demonstrate all lethal measures purported to manage deer populations fail, and that wildlife managers manipulate deer reproduction so agencies profit off stable, rebounding populations. McKernan’s formula for Sweeping Reform of Ohio Division of Wildlife is available via e-mail: 7hillsdeer@gmail.com


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