Letter From the President – Fall-Winter 2013 Issue

Joe and Rikki the pitty

Joe’s Journal

It’s hunting season, that time of year when people who wouldn’t know a calorie from a can opener suddenly become experts on nutrition, telling us all that meat from deer and other animals is healthy because it is high in protein.  Despite the opinions of a growing number of nutritional researchers to the contrary, hunters spread this “protein myth” as justification for their violent hobby.

Since I am always interested in factually debunking hunters’ claims I decided to look into the subject of protein and how much, or how little, the human body needs.  My research led me to a July 19, 2013 lecture given by Dr. Janice Stanger titled “The Dangerous Truth About Protein” (found on YouTube).  In her lecture Dr. Stanger explained that protein is made of essential and non-essential amino acids and that we must get essential amino acids from our food.  She said that plant foods contain all the essential amino acids we need and our bodies make the non-essential amino acids and use them to form complete proteins.  Thus, we do not need to get “complete protein” from our food.

Since we cannot store protein we must get rid of the excess that we eat. The body first seeks to rid itself of the complete proteins found in meat and dairy products, and this overworks our liver and kidneys.  Overworking these organs leads to inflammation and disease throughout the body.

Dr. Stanger’s research led her, and thus me, to the conclusion that the excessive amount of protein found in meat – including the meat of hunted animals – is harmful to our health.  While C.A.S.H. is not a health-oriented organization, we’re interested in understanding the truth behind the claims often spewed by hunters.

In other news, we’re happy to say that we’ve taken advantage of many of the outreach opportunities the community and climate of southern New Mexico affords us.  We’ve done more tabling this year than any since opening our office in the southwest, and we’ve learned that we’re the only area organization working on wildlife issues that opposes hunting unconditionally.  We were a featured guest on a recent broadcast of Vegan World Radio out of Houston, TX and our appearance met with favorable feedback.  We’ve spoken to audiences as diverse as the LGBTQ community and the Pagan community.  We’ve tabled at Earth Day celebrations, salsa festivals, pit bull advocacy marches and other events.
From the small town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (pop. 6,400) to the city of Phoenix, AZ (pop. 1.5 million) we’ve connected with more people than ever before.  And we’ve given information to the producers of a network TV show that boasts millions of viewers.

We thank you, our supporters, for enabling us to conduct valuable outreach that is needed to counter the anti-environmental message spread by the moneyed hunting industry.
Please visit our Facebook page and leave a comment on the articles we post and the issues we discuss.  Visit our website and read our articles to learn the truth about wildlife management as practiced by the hunting industry.  And please support our work with a generous contribution.  We can’t be there for wildlife unless you’re there for us.

Thank you for your support of C.A.S.H. and for your support and respect for wildlife and the natural world.

For wildlife everywhere,


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