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Thanks to Merle Wilson of Iowa who sent an excellent article by Rekha Basu titled: My Experiment with Gun Training Reveals Frightening Lack of Standards in Iowa Law. She writes, If someone like me can pass the gun test, everyone should be scared. Ms. Basu had never held a gun, but wanted to get a permit and feared she wouldn’t pass the test. Then she heard that someone slept through the training, messed up the test, yet still recieved a permit.

Ms. Basu reported the following: You’re supposed to show a copy of your training-completion certificate to the sheriff’s office, but if you don’t have it, you can just sign an affidavit saying you completed it.

The permit allows both concealed and open carry, and entitles the holder to buy a handgun. Reciprocity agreements are good in 31 other states! She said, This terrifies me, and it should terrify you to know that someone with my lack of gun skills could be walking around….Angry people, vengeful people, mentally unstable, people who hate or carry a grudge.

We suggest reading this eye opening article! Please read Basu: My experiment with gun training reveals frightening lack of standards in Iowa law




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