One of the dearest people I’ve met in this movement is Lindy P. Without her permission, I dare not mention her full name, as Lindy must remain hidden from the game agencies who would say she had stolen their property. Lindy walks the waterfronts searching for Canada geese in need of help.

Under cover, she runs what she calls a “hospice” in her home for Canada geese who would otherwise live miserable, short lives due to direct cruelty and careless disregard for the environment. Wildlife is impacted heavily by development, chemicals, poisons and snares.

Lindy has begun to document the squalid conditions of the geese who live in the shadows of the mega development


projects along the Hudson River in New Jersey. The area is known as the “Gold Coast.”

Lindy calls the geese her “Little Dear Ones”. She travels by foot or bus carrying heavy bags of supplies over miles of riverfront in search of those souls who are inconsequential to everyone but the few who want to hurt or help them.

She knows them all by name, she brings them food, she tries to capture those who have little time left in order to bring them some relief.

Would she call the DEC? Not in your life! The DEC is not concerned about a goose, but only about geese, and geese who can fly, not those who can’t. Of course, hunters prefer shooting geese in flight.

Where are the DEC Environmental Conservation Officers (ECOs) officers when it comes to enforcing pollution laws?

In the Sept. 10, 1999 minutes of the State of NY Conservation Fund Advisory Board (they control the money of the game agencies) it says: “Most ECO work is basic fish and wildlife problems and only about five percent involve the more complicated issues such as hazardous materials.”

The DEC Division of Law Enforcement was asked to save money and said they would THROUGH ATTRITION AND CREATION OF VACANCIES!

The poor creatures in these photos are victims of pollution, violence and indifference. Bless Lindy and her Little Dear Ones.

All photos by Lindy P.


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