From The West: Highlights Of What We’ve Been Up To

  • Maintained our popular Facebook page
  • Sent letters to NY State Ag Committee urging passage of Senate Bill 5144, a bill that would protect wildlife under the animal cruelty statutes
  • Wrote an alert for NY SB 5144 and posted it to the Facebook page
  • Provided trapping information for NJ activists
  • Researched coyote hunting info for Michigan activists
  • Spoke with a C.A.S.H. supporter in PA about hunters shooting in the direction of her apartment complex. We advised her to call the police because it is a public safety issue, and to keep on them until they show up. Amazingly, the police responded and moved the hunters out of the area.
  • CASH was interviewed by students looking for ideas for their research papers.
  • Encouraged NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to kill Bill A.2021-A which will allow children as young as twelve-years-old to hunt wild deer and bears with bows and arrows.
  • Worked with Suzan Porto, Esq. from LOHV-NY, in an effort to have her legislator withdraw his support for A.2021-A.
  • Wrote a Facebook alert for NY A.2021-A
  • Wrote to the sponsor of HB1135 and the IN Natural Resources Committee in support of the bill (bans coyote & fox penning)
  • Wrote an Action Alert for Facebook about Indiana HB1135.



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