Deer Ride Has Got To Go

C.A.S.H./WILDLIFE WATCH was contacted by a number of people regarding a toy called “Deer Ride”. It is described as having a dead buck tied across the front of the hood and the buck sings to music. It’s aimed at 6-year-olds.

We wrote and called Walgreen’s, and was told that they considered it to be a harmless toy, and would let it run out of stock and then not renew the order for them. As we were going to print, we received a call from someone in Key West that they were back on the shelf again Please contact Walgreen Co. 200 Wilmot Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 or visit their website and ask them to remove the toys.

Another member, Carol Ames, was also shocked by it and sent the following letter to Walgreens:

“It mocks animal suffering and death.” She added, “In the light of all the recent school killings in the news, I don’t think toys that make light of humanity’s propensities toward violence against other animals send acceptable messages to children of any age.”

Walgreen’s response was that the hunters looked stupid. We agree, but feel this should be removed from their shelves. Perhaps they would like to carry the C.A.S.H. Courier instead!

Here’s an e-mail to C.A.S.H. from an
upstanding member of the U.S. Army –

Hope some young kids breaks in your house & steals all your stuff & does some really bad things.They could be hunting & fishing in the woods not bothering anything.But you crazy people just don’t get it.

Griffin, James A CIV USA AMC


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