Thanks to Del Seligman, Esq. of Seligman and Seligman, and Animal Advocates, Inc. of Kingston, NY for fighting for Sadie.

Thanks to Del, Tracey and Pat Gaffney (Sadie’s human companions), and Wildlife Watch, Sadie’s tragic death has permanently affected trapping.  Because of you, Sadie, developers now understand that trapping can not be done with impunity and can, indeed, have a boomerang effect. Who wants their time wasted in court? Settlements could get larger in time. Land owners’ insurance companies will want to know if there is trapping on the property. Most trappers can’t afford the legal costs which will exceed any small amount they might have gotten from doing the dirty work of the developer. Most trappers don’t carry insurance as the developers do. Both developers and trappers have to face the people whose companion animal they killed, and they have to face themselves.

Sadie’s death led to a trapping law in New Paltz Village. It doesn’t bring her back, but in a small way her death has been vindicated. We asked that the name of the law cause the recall of Sadie and the beavers as well, one of whom was shot. We trust there will come a time when the death of the beavers or other wild animals themselves will also be the issue.


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