Bow-Hunting Within The Village

In Croton-on-Hudson a village in Westchester County, New York, the village board of trustees decided to pass an ordinance to allow bow-hunting within the village. A group of local citizens organized as “Citizens Against Bowhunting” and approached C.A.S.H. for ideas to prevent the passing of the proposed ordinance. We referred them to our web-site  which discusses ways to deal with proposals for deer-culls which have unfortunately flourished this year in many locations throughout the state and nation.

They asked us to write a site-specific website for them to help them organize resistance to the culling proposal in their community.

Peter Muller created a web-site at  which helped them organize successfully to kill the proposed cull.

We are happy to say that the Croton-on-Hudson plans to allow deer hunting in the village with bows and arrows has been shot down by negative public opinion.

The website can serve as a template for other locations where there is a core of local opponents to the cull.


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