A hunter in TN was hunting turkeys near a school. His shotgun pellets hit four girls. Though they were not seriously injured, the hunter is “not in trouble.” He was told to be careful!!!???

See the C.A.S.H. Accident listing at



Richard Firth is calling attention to this debate. See if you can guess his many noms de plume. To join this debate, please visit the link below. You may recognize people you know from our newsletter, and your help will be much appreciated.


We hope you’ll join us at AR2010. C.A.S.H. has formed a “Homeland Security” group of landowners who have been abused by hunters and the hunter harassment law. You can hear their unbelievable stories of abuse at the hands of hunters and the courts.


Thanks to Friends of Animals, the endangered African antelope won protection from American hunters. During the Bush administration there was a blanket exemption to the Endangered Species Act that allowed endangered African game to be hunted at American ranches. The loophole has been closed. The ruling protects the oryx, addax, and dama gazelles which are all critically endangered in their African homelands. The USFWS issued a rule in 2005 creating an exemption for captive bred antelope saying that captive breeding in the US had contributed significantly to the conservation of these species.


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