Additional Losses Ascribed to the Yosemite Fire

“The fire has choked tourism. Visitors spend more than $200 million annually in Tuolumne County,” said Nanci Sikes, executive director of the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau.
She said it’s the No. 1 private industry in this county of roughly 55,000 residents, with 2,170 employees as of about a year ago. Sikes added, “It’s probably the county’s top private industry.”

So, when C.A.S.H. takes into consideration all of the economic losses that resulted from the fire, we have to ask if Pittman-Robertson funds should be of paramount importance to the government, especially when hunting’s negative impact on other areas of public enjoyment is so extreme.

C.A.S.H. can’t emphasize enough that, given the dollars spent on wildlife watching tourism, the government’s focus on dedicated hunting revenue is ridiculously, dangerously, and undemocratically skewed.


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