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We highly recommend this important book:

Philosophy, Theology, and Practical Ethics
By Andrew Linzey

Published by Oxford University Press in 2009
Oxford/$29.95/206 pgs. / Hardback/July 23, 2009/
ISBN13: 9780195379778
New York: Oxford University Press, 2009

Linzey shows that many of the justifications for inflicting animal suffering in fact provide grounds for protecting them. Because animals, the argument goes, lack reason or souls or language, harming them is not an offense. Linzey suggests that just the opposite is true, that the inability of animals to give or withhold consent, their inability to represent their interests, their moral innocence, and their relative defenselessness all compel us not to harm them. Linzey pioneers a new theory about why animal suffering matters, maintaining that sentient animals, like children, should be accorded a special moral status.


Andrew Linzey is Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and a Member of the Faculty of Theology in the University of Oxford. He has published more than 20 books including: Animal TheologyCreatures of the Same God, and The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence.

E mail: andrewlinzey@aol.comandrew.linzey@theology.ox.ac.uk
Centre’s website: www.oxfordanimalethics.com.


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