1999 Spring Issue

God’s Dog by Hope Ryden – Review

What’s on the Mind of Coyote Killers

Foe of Wildlife

Gun Violence in Rural America is Sanctioned by the Government

Success for the cormorants and Wildlife Protectors!

Dead Canada Geese?  Plastic Only Please!

Trapping Update

The End of Trapping in the United States

Trapping is Evil, Not Art

The Outdoor Show in a Suburban New York State Town

Stop Bowhunting From Coming to Your Neighborhood Soon?

Life Conservationist Association and Pets Alive: Tiawan’s Dogs Plus

Regina Atwater, extraordinary AR activist, Pres. Of Animal Advocates of Upstate NY.  Cleveland Amory, Henry Spira, and Amory Winthrop, animal protectors all, have also passed.  Suni Muller, beloved Chihuahua of Editor Anne Muller, passed away on Dec. 23.

Apology and Appeal to the Girl Scouts of America
A correction from last newsletter in which CASH mistakenly said Girl Scouts promotes hunting. They do not, as yet.  However, CASH suggests they make some wording changes in their guidelines that currently might be construed as accepting hunting activity.

Peter’s Humor? – 1999 Spring

“They Said It”: Excerpts From the Other Side
Some bone-headed comments from hunters.

CASH/Wildlife Watch Doing, Announcements, Etc.


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