1999 Fall/Winter Issue

Fall-Winter 1999-2000 Issue

What You Should know About Deer Management

The Truth About Too Many Deer

A Deer Named Rose

Her Little Dear Ones
About Lindy P., who secretly finds and rehabilitates damaged Canada geese.  She cannot call DEC or other “game” agencies for assistance as they are the enemy of geese, and would prosecute her if they knew.

Peter’s Humor? – Fall/Winter 1999

For The Umpteenth Time, Geese Are Not A Health Threat

Hey Gordon! Ask Him If Trapping’s Humane

Announcements and Letters
Hamlet, beloved companion of Molly Hamilton-Mann, has sadly passed.  Anti-hunting demos at Mohonk are increasing.  Jenny Hsieh, visiting the US from Taiwan for the summer, gets involved with local animal people to protest.  Her eloquent letter about animal protection and how the town board meetings were sadly lacking in real democratic values was printed in two local papers.  A board member threatened speakers with arrest.  Jenny had come to the US expecting to see a model for her country to follow, but was disillusioned by what she saw.


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