VT: Vermont man charged with illegally hunting deer in Johnson

Vermont man charged with illegally hunting deer in Johnson (mynbc5.com)


A Johnson man has been charged with illegally hunting deer following an investigation into a 2020 case of “deer jacking.”

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department said 43-year-old Shane Phillips was cited in October 2020 for deer jacking, or illegally shooting a deer a night.

Phillips was caught hunting after dark during a game warden operation. Officials said he used the lights on his Buick Regal to illuminate and shoot two realistic deer facsimiles with a crossbow outside of legal hunting hours and while inside his vehicle.

Phillips fled when approached by wardens following the incident, but was later cited by law enforcement.

In August 2023, Phillips was charged with five offenses, including taking big game by illegal means and hunting in closed season, as well as shooting from a motor vehicle and shooting from a public highway.

In addition to a nearly $2,900 fine, wardens revoked Phillips’ hunting license for the next three years and also seized both his vehicle and the crossbow used during the incident.


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