UT: Woman escapes brief mountain lion attack while hunting in Tooele County



A Utah woman was hunting Saturday when a mountain lion came out of nowhere and briefly attacked her. She caught the tense interaction afterward on camera.

Laurien Elsholz was near Rush Valley in Tooele County when this happened.

She wrote in a Facebook post that she smelled something dead, then heard a crashing noise before she felt the big cat grab her leg.

She only sustained a bruise and a small cut from the encounter.

“It’s one of my worst fears out in the woods. I just never thought I would ever have an encounter that close,” she told FOX 13 News.

Elsholz said she believes the mountain lion was eating when she came across it because it smelled really foul in the area.

The cougar backed off after Elsholz hit it with her hiking stick, she said.

“I was terrified. I went into shock and the adrenaline was very high,” Elsholz said. “I’m just happy that I made it out safe and that nothing else worse happened.”



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