TX: Ex-TCU QB Bram Kohlhausen suffered major injuries after he fell from a helicopter

Ex-TCU QB Bram Kohlhausen suffered major injuries after he fell from a helicopter (yahoo.com)


Former TCU quarterback Bram Kolhausen remains fighting for his life.

According to friends of the TCU alum, Kolhausen fell from a helicopter on a hunting trip near San Antonio over the weekend. Friends familiar with the situation estimate the fall was anywhere between 70 to 80 feet.

He suffered a variety of injuries, and remains in critical condition and in ICU at Brooke Army Medical Center, which is approximately 13 miles northeast of downtown San Antonio.

According to friends, the injuries are potentially life threatening and debilitating. Since the accident, Kolhausen’s condition has slightly improved and there is a window for optimism.

He will require multiple surgeries to address the fractures he suffered. There is a list of other concerns, and uncertainties, as well.

“Bram Kohlhausen means so much to so many people and is an important part of our TCU family. We love Bram and have him and his family in our thoughts and prayers during a very difficult time,” TCU director of athletics Jeremiah Donati said in a statement.

Kolhausen’s college career started at the University of Houston, the same city where he grew up. After two seasons at U of H, he transferred to L.A. Harbor College in 2013.

He walked-on at TCU in 2014, and made it as a backup behind Heisman hopeful Trevone Boykin.

Kohlausen was a backup his TCU entire career, and yet his name is a permanent part of TCU, and college football, history.

In the 2015 Alamo Bowl played on Jan. 2, 2016 against No. 5 Oregon, Kohlausen was a last-second starter; Boykin, was kicked off the team two days before the game because he was arrested for getting into a bar fight in San Antonio.

Kohlhausen led TCU to an overtime win after it trailed 31-0 at the half. The win tied the largest comeback in bowl history. He completed 28-of-45 passes for 351 yards, and two touchdowns.

After the win, Kohlhausen was a TCU celebrity. There was even briefly talk of a movie script about his story. He remained an active, visible, TCU alum.

The celebrity and fame may have faded, and he eventually moved to Austin, where he currently resides.

For TCU fans and alums he remains one of those players people celebrate and cherish. Bram is one of those guys a TCU alum proudly states, “He’s a great Frog.”

A few years ago, former award-winning Fort Worth Star-Telegram sports columnist Jim Reeves authored a book about Kohlausen’s magical night in San Antonio titled, “Remember The Alamo Bowl: Bram Kohlhausen’s Epic TCU Comeback.”

The two participated in a few book signings together at locations in Fort Worth, and TCU.

He has made one helluva comeback before.

Everyone who ever met the man hopes and prays Bram Kohlhausen has another comeback in him.



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