OK: Oklahoma hunter shot on opening day of spring turkey season

Oklahoma hunter shot on opening day of spring turkey season (koco.com)


A hunter was shot Tuesday in Woods County on the opening morning of spring turkey season.

Four people, two Oklahomans and two people from Indiana, were hunting a piece of private property that they had permission to be on. The Oklahomans told the Indiana residents to post up near a baited feeder at dawn, according to Oklahoma Game Wardens.

The two Oklahoma hunters set back into trees across from the open field to watch the hunt. At around 7:15 a.m., one of the Indiana hunters then shot a jake that was in line with the spectators, injuring one of the Oklahomans.

The victim was transported to a hospital, where they were treated for several pellet strikes.

“Everyone involved is extremely lucky that the victim was not seriously injured, killed, or maimed. The investigation revealed that the shooter was less than 50 yards away from the victim,” said Oklahoma Game Wardens in a social media post.

The hunters were cited for illegal possession of turkeys, as well as hunting turkeys within 100 yards of bait. No charges were filed for the accidental shooting, according to Oklahoma Game Wardens.


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