IL: Man can’t resist turkey decoys, ends up being cited for ‘hunting’ from truck

Man can’t resist turkey decoys, ends up being cited for ‘hunting’ from truck


The turkeys were fake. The charges were real.

According to a police report, two turkey decoys were set out April 27. As officers watched from a distance, they saw a pickup truck stop and its driver study the decoys, officers reported. About 50 seconds later, the driver fired two rounds from the truck, according to the report.

Wild turkeys are protected under the Illinois Wildlife Code, which also prohibits hunting, trapping or discharging a gun or bow and arrow from a public road, highway or right-of-way and hunting with the aid of a vehicle.

Conservation Police stopped the truck and found a revolver in the center console, along with two spent casings and three live rounds, police said. The firearm was seized as evidence, police said.

The driver, who was not identified, was cited on a charge of hunting by use or aid of a conveyance and issued warnings for having an uncased firearm and for unlawful hunting from a road.

He was issued a notice to appear in Pike County court.



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