Buffalo Flips Land Manager During Hunting Trip in South Africa

Buffalo Flips Land Manager During Hunting Trip in South Africa (bnnbreaking.com)


In the Eastern Cape of South Africa, a hunting trip took an unexpected turn when a 2,000lb buffalo flipped a land manager into the air, puncturing his leg. The buffalo had earlier been hit with an arrow and had fled, leading the group on a dangerous chase.

The hunting party had been tracking the buffalo for hours, having hit it with an arrow earlier in the day. As they searched for their wounded prey, the buffalo circled back and charged at them, taking everyone by surprise.

The buffalo attacked the man, flipping him high into the air and puncturing his leg with its horns. Another member of the hunting party took daring shots at the creature, eventually killing it.

“I’m just grateful to be alive,” he said. “I’ve been on many hunting trips before, but I’ve never experienced anything like this.”

The dramatic incident was captured on video by a videographer hired to film the hunting trip. The footage shows the buffalo charging towards the group and flipping the land manager into the air.

The buffalo’s carcass was taken as a trophy by the hunting party. The incident is currently under investigation by local authorities.

Note: The use of hunting arrows and the killing of animals for sport is a controversial topic. This article does not endorse or condone hunting, but rather presents the facts of the situation as they occurred.

In the world of hunting, danger is always lurking around the corner. But for one hunting party in South Africa, that danger became all too real when a wounded buffalo turned the tables and attacked.

Despite the incident, the injured land manager is grateful to be alive. And while hunting may continue to be a popular pastime, incidents like this serve as a reminder of the risks involved.


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