AK: ‘Flying Wild Alaska’ Pilot and Idaho Hunting Guide Killed in Plane Crash

‘Flying Wild Alaska’ Pilot and Idaho Hunting Guide Killed in Plane Crash – WHDH 7News – GVS – United States News (globalvillagespace.com)


Bush Pilot Jim Tweto and Hunting Guide Shane Reynolds Die in Alaskan Plane Crash

On Friday, January 14th, 2022, bush pilot Jim Tweto and hunting and fishing guide Shane Reynolds were killed in a small plane crash near the coastal village of Shaktoolik, Alaska. Tweto was known for his starring role in the Discovery Channel’s “Flying Wild Alaska” series, which featured his family-run rural aviation business in Unalakleet. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigating the crash.

The Accident

According to Alaska State Troopers, the plane “was witnessed taking off but not climbing and then crashing.” Troopers were notified of an SOS activation around 11:48 a.m. Friday, followed by a report that a Cessna 180 had crashed 35 miles northeast of Shaktoolik. Troopers responding from Nome recovered both bodies.

Tweto’s Legacy

Tweto, 68, was born in Kansas and raised in Minnesota. He came to Alaska to play hockey at the University of Alaska Anchorage and settled in Unalakleet, where he met his wife Ferno. The couple and their three daughters were featured in the Discovery series, which aired in 2011-2012.

Reynolds’ Legacy

Reynolds, 45, operated Northwest Fishing Expeditions, guiding clients in Alaska and across the Pacific Northwest for years. He was a skilled hunting and fishing guide and a friend of the Tweto family.

The Investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the crash. The NTSB is an independent federal agency that investigates transportation accidents and makes recommendations to improve safety.

The Importance of Aviation Safety

The tragic deaths of Jim Tweto and Shane Reynolds serve as a reminder of the importance of aviation safety. Bush pilots like Tweto play a vital role in providing transportation services to rural communities in Alaska. However, flying in Alaska can be challenging due to the state’s rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions.

The NTSB investigates aviation accidents to determine their cause and make recommendations to improve safety. The agency’s investigations have led to significant improvements in aviation safety over the years. However, accidents still occur, and it is essential for pilots and aviation companies to prioritize safety.


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