Manheim Township (PA) is planning on using a poison, DRC1339, to get rid of 20,000 crows that roost in the Lancaster County area. The crows come in from the farmland to the city and suburbs in the winter, for warmth and food.

Citing the nuisance of their droppings on cars (ever heard of a car wash?) and some alarmist nonsense about salmonella and e-coli being transmitted to humans by the birds, they’re planning to shoot cannons and hang predator effigies in the trees, trap and band birds to follow their roosting/flight plans, and then poison them with the DRC1339 — which they ADMIT will also kill pigeons, magpies, and ravens. They CLAIM it won’t hurt other animals, and that it is no danger to the environment. This is not true, and there are many concerns about the long-term dangers of this poison.

PLEASE FLOOD THESE PEOPLE WITH EMAIL, PHONE CALLS, and FAXES. You can cite the article in today’s Lancaster Intelligencer Journal (see link below).

The Manheim Township Manager’s name and contact info:
Jim Martin
Municipal Building
1840 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone: 717-569-6406
Fax: 717-560-4183

This short-sighted, cruel plan is typical of this particular township, with a long-standing reputation for being arrogant and very unfriendly to wildlife. They should be ashamed of themselves for even considering killing animals because of their droppings. Here’s a link that talks about the potential dangers of DRC-1339:

Laurie Ulrich Fuller


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