Canned shoots, also called canned hunts, are hunts on private hunting “preserves” that are stocked with animals for hunters to kill in any way they choose. These operations, often advertised as managed wildlife refuges or game ranches, guarantee their customers the opportunity to hunt, capture and kill a trophy animal. The animals in these compounds are confined in enclosed areas and are frequently tied down, drugged, or made available to the hunters after the animals are brought to a feeding station.

Thanks in part to the efforts of LOHV (League of Humane Voters) and other animal protection organizations, the New York State Assembly passed A4609, the bill to ban these “canned shoots.”

NOW is the time to urge your state senator to pass S2735, the senate companion to A4609, before the senate session ends on June 19th.

There are a number of steps we must take if we are to see this bill become law.

1. Please call the sponsor of S2735, Senator Frank Padavan, at 518-455-3381. Thank him for introducing the “canned shoot” bill and request that he do everything within his power to see that the bill is passed by the Senate.

2. Call Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno at 518-455-3191. Urge Senator Bruno to pass S2735 before the end of session.

3. Contact your own State Senator and ask his/her assistance in passing S2735, the “canned shoot” bill.

You can find contact information for your Senator by visiting


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